Bottom-Draw Attachments


Bottom-Draws remove debris from the bottom of the pond and help replace stagnant water with healthy, oxygenated water.


Bottom-Draw Disc

Model: CD1


Max GPM: 15

Connection: 1-1/2"


Large Diameter Disc

Allows rock placements over the top and sides which makes hiding the Bottom-Draw Disc easy


Pipe Connection

Connects to 1-1⁄2” pipe from Door Skimmer

The gravity fed Bottom-Draw Disc connects to the threaded port on the Door Skimmer. This eliminates having to make a second liner penetration.


Flow Cap

Model: BDFC-4


Max GPM: 80
Connection: 4” IPS plastic or metal pipe
Material: 304 stainless steel


Large Flows

The adjustable height design allows the intake to accommodate large or small flows


Pipe Connection

Secures to the end of a 4” bottom draw pipe

Water is drawn from the bottom of the pond to replace the water being pumped out of the Filter Tank. Submerged debris is then collected in a Filter Tank Filter Basket or Remote Filter Skimmer Basket.

BDFC-4 Dimensions


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