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A Vision of Excellence

Filtrific® strives to provide customers with the best service and highest quality products in the water feature industry. Continuous efforts toward innovation, as well as a higher standard of products underscore this commitment to excellence. This vision of service is to serve all those involved in the design, distribution, installation, and enjoyment of all types of water feature creations.

For over 10 years, Filtrific has engineered high quality water feature equipment which are currently in use in thousands of installations ranging from residential to commercial.

In 2010 Filtrific introduced Flotender, an innovative water conservation product line consisting of rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling systems for use with landscape irrigation. Similar to the Filtrific Water Feature Product Line, Flotender is a reliable platform for both residential and commercial installations.

All Filtrific products are manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. Our main facility is located in Bellevue, Washington where we operate our corporate offices, assembly, warehousing, and shipping departments.


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