Water Feature Systems


Filtrific® offers both designers and installers the ability to push the limits of traditional water feature concepts. From awe-inspiring architectural features, to naturally occurring streams, Filtrific® products complement creativity in any style or size of water feature.

Filtrific Fountain Systems

Filtrific Fountain Systems provide a solid foundation for a wide array of different types of concrete fountains including raised pools, ground level pools, water-walls and water accents.
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Filtrific Waterfalls & Stream Systems

Filtrific® Vanishing Waterfall & Stream Systems add an exciting dimension to any landscape. These systems are a nearly maintenance free alternative to a traditional pond. When the system is not in use, turn off the pump to save water and electricity and watch all the water disappear underground for a safe, algae-free water feature.

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Filtrific Ponds

Create a dynamic and natural looking water feature with a Filtrific® Pond System. Filtrific® engineering allows hardware to function outside the pond, resulting in a low maintenance, natural looking feature. Additionally, Filtrific Pond Systems allow for on-off stream flexiblity as well as other advanced pond design options.

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Rock Columns

Don’t sacrifice visual appeal with unnatural hardware. Filtrific® components are task specific and can be disguised within the landscape, giving the feature a completely natural look. With a Filtrific® Filter Tank, all equipment is hidden inside and located away from the installation for convenient maintenance and future serviceability.
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