Filtrific Waterfall & Stream Systems

Engineered for long lasting and realistic looking waterscapes.

Waterfalls and Streams which Disappear when Turned Off Clog-Free Reservoir with Pump Protection Filtering

Complete Access to Filters and Pump Natural Pooling Finish

A Filtrific Waterfall & Stream system allows all water to disappear from the surface when the pump is turned off, keeping it out of sight in an underground filter system. Without a pump running, there isn’t any surface water and therefore no water is lost to evaporation.

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Filtrific features a clog-free reservoir which captures debris before entering the pump chamber. A clean reservoir provides pumps and system hardware a debris-free enviornment to function.

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With Filtrific, filters and pumps are easy to access providing quick routine maintenance and hassle free access to the pumps and hardware.


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The patented design of the Filtrific fixed skimmer provides the option of incorporating a vanishing finishing pool at the end of a waterfall or stream. By adding this design feature the waterfall & stream a very realistic and visual appealing effect can be accomplished.

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