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Filtrific® strives to provide customers with the best service and highest quality products in the water feature industry. Continuous efforts toward innovation, as well as a higher standard of products underscore this commitment to excellence. This vision of service is to serve all those involved in the design, distribution, installation, and enjoyment of all types of water feature creations.


Greywater Irrigation Systems

In addition to professional water feature equipment, Filtrific also offers two lines of greywater irrigation systems. Flotender Grey Water Systems offer single zone irrigation solutions for residential and commercial installations. The GreyLink Greywater Irrigation System offers multiple zone scheduling, automatic weather adjustments and pc/smartphone control and reporting.


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Case Studies

For over 15 years homeowners, contractors and engineers have relied on Filtrific to provide their water features with a solid, reliable foundation. Filtrific has been trusted on projects ranging from small backyard fountains to multi-million dollar commercial water features installed in some of the most prestigious and public facing locations in North America.

Be sure to check out Filtrific’s case study section where you can find examples of projects of varying types constructed over the last 15 years with the Filtrific line of heavy-duty water feature equipment.


Quick Tip: Rock Column or Statuary Base

Looking to build a small statuary or rock column water feature but are unsure on how to build it?
Instead of relying on flimsy, preformed “rock column” base use grass pavers instead. These pavers are originally designed for use in supporting grassy areas for vehicular traffic but also do a great job as a heavy-duty grate for your water feature. The pavers can be cut with a standard power saw to conform to the constraints of your project and when paired with cinderblocks below provide a super strong surface which allows for water to permeate through and ultimately into a Filtrific filter tank for filtration and re-circulation.

Roots Growing Into Your Water Feature?

Most water feature installers run into a situation at some point where tree or bamboo roots have grown through the walls of a rubber lined water feature that they constructed. This can create a variety of problems which usually require reinstallation of the water feature. If you are installing a water feature in an area around trees or bamboo consider installing a root barrier to protect the water feature’s rubber liner. Root barriers are constructed of polypropylene while bamboo barrier is constructed from high density polyethylene and is available in a variety of depths to suit the tree or bamboo type and root pattern.

Commercial Fountains

When constructing a concrete fountain Filtrific offers numerous benefits when compared to custom fabricated solutions. The Filtrific Filter Tank provides numerous port options which are able to adapt to complex piping configurations as often required in a commercial fountain setting. The filter tank can be either directly buried or placed above ground in a utility room or parking garage. Additionally, Filtrific offers numerous skimmer return devices which can be placed in-wall, covering pipes etc. and are constructed of stainless steel which provides a clean, finished look.

In a Filtrific fountain system, the filter tank provides built-in filtration, water in transit storage, auto-fill and housing for the pump and pumping equipment. By combining all of these functions in one vault system complexity is significantly reduced as well as the mechanical footprint in the landscape or utility room.

When looking at the bottom line, Filtrific routinely provides a substantial cost savings over custom fabricated solutions on both material and labor expenses.

Vanishing Waterfall & Stream Systems

When building a waterfall and stream it is very important to install quality system components to ensure the longevity and reliably of your system. Filtrific provides durable components designed for installations where system functionality, easy of maintenance and a simple, straight fourward installation is important. With a Filtrific Vanishing Water system, the waterfall and stream can be turned on and off on demand without the fear of overflow or water wasting. Maintenance is simple via the built in filtration which is easily accessed by opening the filter access cap. If access to the pump or pumping components is required, remove a few bolts and the pump chamber is fully accessible for service.

Aside from mechanical functionality, Filtrific's vanishing water system also allows for a significant and completely unique design element. Because of Filtrific's patented fixed skimmer, a shallow finishing pool can be added to the end of a waterfall or stream. This shallow pooling effect vanishing when the system is turned off and provides a realistic finish to the water feature similar to as would be found in nature.

Filtrific products can be used in a wide variety of different water feature applications in both residential and commercial applications. View system types to learn more about different Filtrific applications.




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