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Filter Tanks
Filter Baskets Lid Extensions Skimmer Attachments
The Filter Tank is truly the cornerstone to every Filtrific water feature. Includes advanced filtration, large pump chamber and ample room for accessories.

Housed in the Filter Tank, the advanced 316 stainless steel Filter Baskets provide reliable debris filtration with multiple mesh sizes to fit the filtration requirements of any water feature application.

Lid Extensions raise the height of the Filter Tank’s lid in order to match the surrounding grade.

Multiple skimmer attachments are available, giving you freedom to design any type of water feature using the Filtrific System.

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Expansion Tanks Rainwater Filters
Component Packages
Bottom Draws & Circulators

Filtrific Expansion Tanks increase the reservoir capacity of the system and are easily connected to the Filter Tank’s auxiliary ports.

Filtrific Rainwater Filters are designed to provide precise pre-filtration prior to storage in a large cistern or rainwater tank.

Contains the filters, skimmer, connection fittings, discharge kit, overflow kit and pipe for a Filtrific system.

Bottom draw devices pull debris from the bottom of the water feature while circulators help to oxygenate the water while simultaneously adding texture and appeal to the water’s surface

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Riser Skimmer Flow-Cap
Fixed Skimmer Accessories
Remote Filter Skimmers Waterfall Starter

Covers the top of the intake pipe to provide a more finished looking and aesthetically pleasing water feature.

From stainless steel grates to the heavy duty skimmer hood, Filtrific makes disguising or customizing the look of the Fixed Skimmer possible.

For large water features, the Remote Filter Skimmer allows for skimming from multiple locations in the water feature.

An ultra-reinforced design and duel exit points allows you to create a natural looking start to your water feature.

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UV Clarifier Auto-Fill Devices Pump Shut-Off Devices
The Filter Tank is truly the cornerstone to every Filtrific water feature. Includes advanced filtration, large pump chamber and ample room for accessories.

The Filtrific In line UV Clarifier provides effective UV filtration, securely protected in a compact polyethylene vault.

With both mechanical and electric devices available, Filtrific provides reliable automatic fill solutions for any style or size of water feature.

Filtrific Pump Shut-Off Devices protect the pump from damage due to evaporation leading to low water levels.

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Pump Discharge Kits
Pump Cooling Device Liner Connection Kits Connection Fittings and Accessories
Multiple pump discharge kits are available to fit nearly any size of submersible pump.

Designed to keep a submersible pump cool during periods of low water.

Filtrific’s liner connection kits allow for a secure 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” or 10” connection to PVC pipe.

From rubber couplings to in-tank heaters, Filtrific offers a variety of accessories for a successful installation.

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Vanishing Packs

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Hybri-Pond Packs

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For traditional ponds which include a waterfall with minimal stream. Learn More >>

No-Skimmer Component Packages

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