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Learn why some of the finest water feature contractors in the industry prefer Filtrific and the benefits it provides in numerous areas.


Lower Costs, Happy Customers, Simplified Construction Process.

"We first began using the Filtrific system in the year 2000 in an effort to simplify our construction process and to bring easier maintenance to our clients. Our decision to employ the Filtrific on all our projects has brought long term dividends from these initial goals as well as from others, including dramatically lower costs in follow up warranty work. The most significant benefit of all is happy customers, as well as fewer distractions as we endeavor to keep building new projects!"

John Fulford
Turnstone Construction
Redmond Washington


Filtrific Works Well with All Types of Water Features.

"We install many different types of water features – small garden ponds, decorative fountains and large multiple acre ponds. The Filtrific system works well with all types of water features we create. They are easily incorporated into any of our designs. The products are easy to install and provide our clients with a easy to maintain water feature. Filtrific provides us with a quality product that our clients appreciate as well as exceptional customer service. "

Kevin Bailey
Prairie Creek Nursery
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Durable, Easy to Install and Service.

"As a designer and patent holder of pond filtration I greatly appreciate not only the engineering of the Filtrific filters but also the durability, ease of installation and serviceability. Of all the in-ground pond filters on the market this is the one I prefer and have no hesitation recommending or designing into my projects. The majority of the other filters on the market have to many built in limitations and are not truly designed for ease of service or have such durable components. "

Dave Duensing
David B. Duensing & Associates, Inc.
Pointe Vedra Beach, FL


Provides Superior Aesthetics for Precise Installations.

"I have been installing the Filtrific systems for their strength, their ease of use for the client, the precision of the installation, and the ease of being able to explain how it works. I very rarely go on a presentation without having the T-40 as an integral part of the public presentation or proposal to a client. The ability  to have a remote location for the skimmer and mechanicals greatly appeals to the aesthetics of building a natural pond."

Dave Garton
Lawnchair Watershapes
Denver, Colorado

Dave Garton,owner of Lawnchair Watershapes in Denver, is an expert pond and stream builder, as well as an in-demand business speaker and coach.He is a frequent contributor to WaterShapes Magazine.


An Asset to our Name and our Customer’s Well Being.

"Waterscapes has been in the waterfeature business over 15 years. We find that the Filtrific self contained all in one systems are straight forward to install and easy for the home owner to maintain. Waterscapes grows by word of mouth. We find that the Filtrific system is an asset to our name and the customers well being "

Woody Morris
Waterscapes LLC.
Whidbey Island, Washington


Flexibility, Ease of Installation, and Straight Forward Maintenance.

"We use Filtrific on all types of water features – architectural, natural, and everything in between. The wide range of options that support different styles of installations, water feature sizes, and water flow requirements always meet our needs. We enjoy the ease of installation of the filter tanks and appreciate having all the mechanical system fit together in one manageable location, remote from the feature itself. Follow-up maintenance and even modifications are
greatly simplified, which saves money for everyone and keeps the water feature aesthetics pure. We look forward to continuing to work with Filtrific so we can continue to build exceptional water features."

Dale Nussbaum
Nussbaum Group
Seattle, Washington


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