The Filtrific Filter Tank Advantage

Durable and versatile filtered pump vaults for water features.


Built-In Ports
Large Pump Chambers Expandable Reservoir

No more drilling and having to build custom ports. Filtrific’s Filter Tank features a variety of pre-built ports of various sizes to adapt to the installation’s often complex piping demands.

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The Filtrific Filter Tank features built-in, customizable filtration. Different mesh sizes are available to customize the filtration level to the site-specific requirements.

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The Filter Tank has been engineered to provide room for the installer to work and for large pumps to fit. Multiple pumps can be placed in a Filtrific Filter Tank while still leaving room for additional hardware such as auto-fill and pump shut-off devices.

Often times a project will require storage for water in transit. The Filtrific Filter Tank features either 40, 75 or 390 gallons of built-in storage (depending on model). If that’s not enough the reservoir can be expanded by utilizing an Expansion Tank.

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Lid Extensions Remote Placement Small and Large Flows
Huge Cost Savings

When buried, the Filtrific Filter Tank’s lid can be extended vertically to conform to site-specific elevations.

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The Filtrific Filter Tank has been designed to be optionally placed away from the water feature to preserve the aesthetics of the design.

The Filtrific Filter Tank is well equipped to handle a wide variety of installation sizes from the delicate bubbling rock feature to a multi-tiered waterfall pushing up to 800 GPM.

The Filtrific Filter Tank often times provides tremendous cost savings when used in place of a concrete or fiberglass pump vault.

The Filtrific Hardware Advantage

Enabling compatibility with any style of water feature.

Fixtures & Components Tough Equipment Disguised Hardware
Vanishing Pool

Filtrific offers a wide array of fixtures and components for use with a wide array of water feature styles. From UV filtration to skimmers and waterfall starters, Filtrific’s well engineered products help bring the project to fruition.

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Every Filtrific Product is engineered to withstand the demands of a commercial job site. Solid material and rigorous in-house quality control provides unmatched strength and durability.

Low-profile hardware keeps the focus on the creative aspects of the design instead of bulky weirs and difficult to disguise skimmer boxes.

Filtrific’s unique Vanishing Water system provides the option of adding a “finishing pool” to a vanishing system. This allows for a realistic look which is made possible by the Filtrific Fixed Skimmer attachment.

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