Vanishing Waterfalls and Streams

On/Off Operation, No String Algae, Conserves Energy

Outdoor Waterfalls & Streams

Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kits provide the installer all of the hardware for building an outdoor waterfall and / or stream with true on-off capability. When the system is turned on, the outdoor water feature provides a beautiful visual and audible accent to the landscape. When unattended (e.g. night time, vacation) the system can be shut-off, conserving electricity, limiting evaporation and eliminating string algae growth.

outdoor waterfall
outdoor waterfalls

When turned on, a natural looking, outdoor waterfall & stream is enjoyed.

When turned off, the waterfall, stream area and pooling finish vanish into the Filter Tank Reservoir.


A Simple Waterfall


A simple waterfall system of two design elements, the waterfall itself and the pooling finish.

Waterfall Design Element

The Filtrific® Waterfall Starter is essential in providing the waterfall with a natural "fanned" look and is sturdy to allow for complete disguise under heavy rocks or natural objects.



Pooling Finish Design Element

The second design element is the pooling finish. The pooling finish is a small, shallow pool which acts as a landing area for the waterfall or stream. In nature waterfalls always fall into a pooling area before dispersing. The pooling finish helps to create a natural look for the waterfall or stream and is made possible by the patented Filtrific Fixed Skimmer.

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Did You Know?

The Vanishing Finish Pool is a feature only available to systems installed with the patented Filtrific® Filter Tank Reservoir and Fixed Skimmer. With other systems the water must disappear into a bed of rocks which produces a very un-natural effect.


Waterfall and Stream Design Elements

A waterfall and stream system incorporates both a waterfall as shown above and a stream into one water feature. A pooling or wet finish is most commonly incorporated into this type of system as well.


Don’t Want a Pooling Finish?

If the system design calls for a non-pooling finish, the Filtrific system can also accommodate a rock finish, a wet finish, and a wide variety of unique architectural finishes as well. For questions regarding custom systems for unique applications please give us a call at (800) 906-0604, M-F 8am – 9pm PST.


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