Complete Access to Filters and Pumps


Easy Access to the Pump and Filters

With a Filtrific Waterfall & Stream System, both the homeowner and contractor are provided with simple and convenient access to the pump and filtration equipment. The Filter Tank Reservoir’s Lid design incorporates a built-in mulch guard, allowing mulch to be finished right to the edge of the filter access cap.


Cleaning the Pre-Filter

Cleaning the pre-filter is a simple process and can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Open the access cap in
the landscape

Dump out the debris and spray the basket with a garden hose
For a deep cleaning, the basket can be removed from the Filter Frame


Did You Know?

Most waterfall systems do not include any type of pre-filtration. Over time the lack of proper filtration leads to eventual system clogging and pump failure resulting in the need for a complete system reinstallation. Learn More >



Accessing the Pump Chamber

From time to time, the pump chamber may need to be accessed. With the Filter Tank Reservoir, this process is very simple and straight forward.

Unscrew the bolts on the lower lid

Unscrew the bolt on the Filter Carriage


Remove the Filter Carriage and filters

Access the pump and any installed pumping components


Did You Know?

The patented two stage lid combines convenient filter and pump equipment access within one lid and outside of the water feature. With a Filtrific Waterfall & Stream System you’ll never have to dig through gravel to access your pump equipment.


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