Filtrific Pond Systems

Engineered for long lasting and realistic looking waterscapes.

Equipment for Flexible Pond Designs Advanced Filtration for Energy Effecient Pumps Complete Access to Filters and Pump Easily Disguised System Hardware

The Filtrific system supports pond designs ranging from a standard pond with a waterfall to moare complex deigns incorporating streams with the pond and on / off capablity.

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Filtrific’s built-in filtration provides a clean enviornment for energy effecient pumps to operate. Additionally, Filtrific pulls debris from the surface and bottom of the water feature to provide for a clean waterscape.

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With Filtrific, filters and pumps are easy to access providing quick routine maintenance and hassle free access to the pumps and hardware.


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Filtrific products have been enginnered to visually disappear into the waterscape when installed. This allows for a natural looking pondscape to be enjoyed without the obstruction of hardware.

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Advantages of Using Filtrific in Pond Installations

Read a quick summery of the 4 major design, installation and servicing advantages of installing a Filtrific Pond System

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