Equipment for Flexible Pond Designs

Debris Skimming, Energy Effecient Pumping and Filtration Solutions.

Filtrific pond systems provide an ideal platform for water features both system functionality and visual appeal are priorities. Allowing for near endless design options, a Filtrific pond system can adheare with the demands of nearly any pondscape by incorporating one of many versitile system accessories.


Pond with a Waterfall

This pond style incorporates a waterfall which falls directly into a pond, the “Traditional Pond” my be somewhat simple in it’s design but incorporates Filtrific’s advanced pond technology to keep the waterscape free of floating debris and to reduce the amount of algae growth.



The Ultra-Compact Door Skimmer Enables Fluctuating Water Levels

The Filtrific Door skimmer skims debris from the surface of hte pond and provides support for a varying operational water level in the system. This is very helpful for systems which do not have an auto-fill device installed and lose water due to evaporation. Additionally, the door skimmer is easy to disguise at the edge of the pond due to it’s comact design.



Remove Debris from the Bottom of the Pond with the Bottom Draw Disc

To compliment surface skimming, Filtrific pond systems also feature an optional bottom draw disc to pull debris from the bottom of the pond. The bottom draw disc connects to a port on the front of the door skimmer which eliminates the need for a second liner penetration.





Pond with On / Off Stream Containment

The Filtrific Hybri-Pond System Design features a waterfall with a stream flowing into the pond. Typically, two pumps and underground water storage are utilized in this type of system to allow for the waterfall to be turned off. This will result in significant energy savings and reduced evaporation while maintaining water quality due to the smaller circulation pump running continually instead of the larger waterfall pump.



Waterfall Pump

The pump operating the waterfall and / or stream and can be turned on and off at will to conserve energy. Built into each Filtrific Hybri-Pond system is sufficient water storage to contain the water in transit from the waterfall & stream when the system is turned off.



Circulation Pump

The circulation pump is a low flowing, low energy consumption pump which runs continually to help oxygenate the water in the pond ultimatley helping to promote a clear pond.



Fixed Skimmer

The low-profile fixed skimmer provides the ability for water to be skimmed from the surface of the pond at a fixed level. This allows for a constant water level in the pond regardless of wether or not the waterfall and stream are running. The fixed skimmer eliminates the sometimes unsightly "draw-down effect" where the water level in the pond drops signicantly to fill the stream uncovering the sides of the pond which can damage the overall waterscape asthetics. The Fixed Skimmer is most commonly used with water features utilizing additional underground water storage.






Liner Options

The Filtrific system is compatible with both rubber and concrete liner installations. Both the door and fixed skimmers can be utilized with either liner option.


Concrete Lined Ponds

Both the door and fixed skimmers can be installed within a concrete lined pond. A notch should be placed in the concrete wall to allow for a secure placement. Stainless-steel in-wall skimmers are also available for cast in place installations.



Concrete Waterstop

The concrete watersop is included with the stainless steel in-wall skimmers and can also be purchased separately.



Installing the Concrete Waterstop

1. Stretch the waterstop over the pipe.




2. Place the Rubber collar over the rubber band on the waterstop.




3. Place the stainless steel band over the collar and tighten the clamp.





Rubber Lined Ponds

By utilizing the liner connection method (next section) either a door or fixed skimmer can be securely attached to a pipe protruding through the liner.



Connecting PVC Pipe to Rubber Liner

Included in each Filtrific pond system is a rubber liner connection kit which provides a secure connection to rubber liner.


Quick. Simple. Secure.

Follow the steps below for an easy and efficient connection to rubber liner.

1. Trace

Run a pipe from the Filter Tank to the rubber liner. Use the tracing disc to draw a circle on the liner at the center point of the pipe.

2. Cut

With scissors, cut out the traced circle from
the liner.

3. Stretch

Stretch the liner over the pipe; this creates a tight bond around the pipe.

4. Clamp

Slip the rubber lined stainless steel clamp over the liner and tighten.


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