Advanced Pond Filtration

Protects Energy Effecient Pumps, Provides a Cleaner Waterscape


Advanced Pond Filtration Protects Energy Efficient Pumps

Filtrific’s line of patented Filter Tanks are capable of housing either one or two energy efficient pumps within it’s large pump chamber. Energy efficient pumps are unable to process large solids due to their highly effecient motors and must be kept in a debris-free environment. The Filtrific Filter Tank features pre-filtration to capture debris from the pond which helps to ensure both clean, trouble-free operation of the pumps and system accessories and a clean pond surface free of floating debris.




Pump Chamber, Pond Filtration & Reservoir, All-In-One

The Filtrific Filter Tank houses the system filtration, pump, pumping components and reservoir in one compact unit.

pump filters

Did You Know?

The Patented Filtrific® Filter Tank features high-capacity filter baskets which are specifically designed to capture both small and large particulate debris which continually drop into ponds. The downward motion of the water flow into the baskets act as a "debris compactor" forcing the debris into the bottom of the basket. This compacting action helps to extend the system’s maintenance window.



External Pond Pumps

An external pond pump can be used with the Filtrific Filter Tank. Multiple ports of varying sizes can be used for a suction line to pull from the bottom of the chamber.


Housing for Pump Shut-Off, Auto-Fill,
and Overflow Devices

Designed to simplify a pond installation while providing full functionality, the Filtrific Filter Tank can house a wide variety of system accessories. Electric and mechanical auto-fill devices, pump shut-off devices and a built-in overflow are just a few of the system accessories which are easily housed inside the vault.



Placed on either side of the filter carriage, the BioCurtain™ provides a large surface area for colonizing beneficial bacteria to reduce ammonia toxins from fish waste and fish food. The stainless steel hanger positions on the Filter Tank rim providing easy removal and cleaning of the poly-flow filter media.

BioCurtain in Filtrific Filter Tank (top view)

The Filtrific® Bio-Curtain can be placed on either side of the filter carriage.



UV Filtration

An optional UV Clarifier Vault can be attached to the discharge line on the Filtrific Filter Tank. The UV Clarifier can effectively eliminate single-celled algae (pea-green water) in the pond.




Hybri-Pond Reservoir

Ponds which incorporate a waterfall and stream with on / off functionality (Hybri-Pond) require an underground reservoir to house the waterfall & stream water when the system is turned off.

The Filtrific Filtrific Filter Tank includes a built-in reservoir specifically designed to capture the water in transit when the system is turned off. If additional reservoir capacity is required, an unlimited number of reservoir expansion units can be attached to the Filtrific Filter Tank.


Did You Know?

Filtrific offers systems which are designed for all of the visible water to disappear when turned off. Expansion reservoirs can also be added so that all surface water can disappear underground when the system is turned off.
Learn More about Filtrific Vanishing Water Systems >



Expansion Reservoir Units

As pictured below, expansion reservoir units can be attached to the Filtrific Filtrific Filter Tank to provide additional water storage capacity.



Compact Reservoir

The 40 Gallon Expansion Reservoir units nest with the Filtrific Filter Tank to create a compact “string” of water storage.

The expansion reservoir units can be placed under walkways, lawns, between rock outcropping or established plantings.

A 165 gallon expansion reservoir unit is also available for use with the T390F Filtrific Filter Tank.


Tough Vaults


The Filtrific Filter Tanks and Expansion Reservoirs are constructed of heavy-duty, thick polyethylene which is very resistant to roots, rocks and sharp objects. The reinforced design provides strength under the most demanding construction sites and installation conditions.

Amazing Strength


Filtrific® Expansion Tanks are manufactured to meet the demands of both residential and commercial installations. The reinforced top allows the tanks to accommodate placement under ground cover, lawn, walkways or beside driveways where occasional vehicular traffic might be encountered.



Filtrific Filter Tank: Pre-Filtration & Pump Chamber

The Filtrific Filter Tank provides pre-filtration and houses the pump as well as the system’s pumping components and accessories. It also provides a reservoir for system’s water in transit.




Surgical-grade stainless steel Filter Baskets separate debris from the water carried in through the skimmer. Interchangeable screen sizes provide customized filtering, to assure trouble-free operation of pumps and system hardware housed in the debris-free pump chamber.



Easy Pipe Connection

The Filtrific Filter Tank and Expansion Reservoir units both feature Filtrific’s Built-In Ports which allow for a very simple pipe connection.


Additional Information

Visit the products section to view additional information on each Filtrific Filter Tank and available accessories.


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