Expansion Tanks


Filtrific® Expansion Tanks connect with Filter Tanks to capture the water-in-motion when the pump is turned off. Expansion tanks are also used to expand the Filter Tank pump chamber where large pump rapid-cycling might be a concern.





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Site Flexibility

Place Filtrific® Expansion Tanks under walkways, lawn, between rock outcroppings or established plantings. Expansion tanks have been designed to conform to the site constraints often required in exceptional water feature designs.

Add Modular Water Containment as Needed

Realizing that creativity is not always limited to the original design, Filtrific® Expansion Tanks allow the Filtrific® system to readily accept design changes at any time, either before or after the system is up and running. Expansion Tanks are ported on both the front and back-sides to accommodate numerous, on the spot, placement combinations including side-to-side, end-to-end, or remotely located as best suits the landscape.

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