Filter Baskets


Surgical-grade stainless steel Filter Baskets separate debris from the water carried in through the skimmer. Interchangeable screen sizes provide customized filtering, to assure trouble free operation of pumps and related equipment. Finer mesh screens require more frequent cleaning than large mesh screens and are generally used with smaller pumping flows. Larger mesh screens are typically used with large flow installations.


Filtrific’s Filter Baskets for water features are housed inside of the Filter Tank and provide essential pre-filtration for the pump and reservoir.







Easy-to-Remove Filters

Filtrific® Filter Tanks utilize a two piece lid, which makes the filters easily accessible; simply open the filter access cap and lift out the basket.


Clean filters are essential in maintaining an efficient water feature. Routine maintenance is accomplished by occasionally emptying the Filter Baskets. If a large amount of debris has collected in the Filter Basket, simply remove the filter element and the compacted debris will fall out.

T40F Filter basket

● 1 basket per T40F Filter Tank
● Provides 1.7 square feet of
surface area

Model: E24-40


Model: E20-40


Model: E10-40


Model: E6-40

T75F Filter basket

● 2 baskets per T75F Filter Tank
● Provides 1.7 square feet of surface area

Model: E24-75


Model: E20-75


Model: E10-75


Model: E6-75

T390F Filter basket

● 2 baskets per T390F Filter Tank
● Provides 3.4 square feet of surface area

Model: E24-390


Model: E20-390


Model: E10-390


Model: E6-390


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