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Debris Skimming, Pumping and Filtration Solutions

Filtrific Fountain Systems are designed for use with a wide variety of fountain styles ranging from classic pools to delicate architectural water features. A number of different skimming solutions are available to accommodate each system type. Most fountain designs fall into one of three categories; Ground Level Fountains, Elevated Fountains or Water Accents.


Ground Level Fountains


In a ground level fountain design the top edge of the Filter Tank can be placed level with the top edge of the fountain pool.

At Grade fountains utilize the S6 In-Wall Skimmer to pull debris and water back to the Filter Tank.



Ground Level Fountain with S6 In-Wall Skimmer Installed. Ground Level Fountain with S6 In-Wall Skimmer and
Bottom Draw Installed.

Ground Level Fountain Optional On / Off Operation

Similar to the above grade fountains, the Filter Tank provides storage for the water in transit in a ground level fountain. The amount of water in transit is typically significantly less in this type of fountain than an elevated fountain as the Filter Tank is installed at-grade with the water level.


Elevated Fountains


Typically built above the surrounding grade, elevated fountains require that the Filter Tank is placed at an elevation below the fountain’s water surface. In this type of installation either an S5 In-Wall Skimmer or a vertical skimmer pipe is used to skim water and debris from the surface of the pool for return to the Filter Tank.


fountain design

Elevated Fountain Design with S5 In-Wall Skimmer Installed.

Elevated Fountain Design with SFC-4 Riser Skimmer Flow-Cap installed on a vertical pipe.

Elevated Fountain with Bottom Draw




Elevated Fountain Optional On / Off Operation

Some above grade fountain designs are designed for frequent on-off system operation. In this situation, underground containment for the water in transit (water depth above the skimmer intake edge) is required. The Filtrific Filter Tank and optional expansion reservoir units provide storage for the water in transit when the system is turned off. During times of heavy rainfall, excess rainwater is discharged through the Filter Tank’s overflow and piped to a suitable drain point.



Water Accents

Filtrific Fountain Systems provide an ideal pump chamber and filter for smaller flowing fountains and architectural features. These types of water features range from indoor water-walls to spitting statues and virtually everything in between. The Filtrific Filter Tank’s built-in reservoir proves to be a very valuable feature in these types of installations as often times the surface water must be contained underground when the system is not in use.

Filter Tank installed in a commercial water wall installation.



Preformed Fountains

The Filtrific Filter Tank can also be used with pre-formed and statuary fountains. Many pre-formed fountains do not provide a built-in chamber to house the pump. Simply placing the pump in the fountain can create a visual distraction and can prove to be a nuisance to service. The Filtrific Filter Tank provides an exterior housing for the pump, debris removal, system filtration as well as convenient auto-fill and overflow placement.


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