Halfway between a Vanishing Water™ system and a full size Traditional Pond system, is a Hybri-Pond™ system. With a Hybri-Pond™, the stream appears when the stream pump is turned on and disappears into the underground reservoir when the pump is turned off. The pond size can then be reduced to an easily maintainable size. The overall footprint of the water feature can still occupy the same surface area, but in a more resource friendly configuration.

Energy Efficient

Turn off the waterfall pump and the stream water is captured in the Filter Tank. A smaller energy efficient pump continues to run providing continual water circulation.

Water-Wise Storage

In a Hybri-Pond™ system, the stream water is stored underground in Filter and Expansion Tanks when the stream is turned off. This prevents pond overflow and allows for a smaller and easier to maintain pond.

Energy Efficient

The Hybri-Pond™ system utilizes two pumps; a small energy efficient circulation pump and a larger waterfall and stream pump. The small circulation pump runs continuously to maintain water quality in the pond, while the larger waterfall pump runs only when desired.

Water Gardening

The Hybri-Pond™ system provides the benefit of smaller-scale water gardening as well as a complete backyard waterscape. For areas that don’t have room for a large pond, water gardening can be easily enjoyed on a smaller scale without compromising the size of the waterfall or stream.

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