Liner Connection Kits


FiltrificĀ® Liner Connection Kits make quick, convenient and durable rubber liner connections to schedule or class PVC pipe.

Liner Connection Kit


For 2" Pipe:

Model: RC2


For 3" Pipe:

Model: RC3

For 4" Pipe:

Model: RC4

For 6" Pipe:

Model: RC6

For 10" Pipe:

Model: RC10




Quick. Simple. Secure.

Follow the steps below for an easy and efficient connection to rubber liner.

1. Trace

Run a pipe from the Filter Tank to the rubber liner. Use the tracing disc to draw a circle on the liner at the center point of the pipe.

2. Cut

With scissors, cut out the traced circle from
the liner.

3. Stretch

Stretch the liner over the pipe; this creates a tight bond around the pipe.

4. Clamp

Slip the rubber lined stainless steel clamp over the liner and tighten.


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