Outdoor Water Wall & Rill

Project Name: Bellevue Botanical Gardens
Project Location: Bellevue, WA
Type of Water Feature: Public, Architectural
Completion Date: June 2014

The City of Bellevue recently expanded its public botanical gardens with the addition of two very unique water features, both of which utilize the Filtrific system.
Upon entering the gardens you are greeted by a large water wall which delicately streams water down its textured face.

The elegant water display is supported by the Filtrific Filtered Pump Vault which is located approximately 40 feet to the left of the water feature.
A second water feature is located on a large, flat patio directly behind the water wall. This unique water feature streams water from a bubbling boulder through a long rill which terminates at the end of the patio. The Filter Tank is placed 20 feet from the patio and the rill’s end point.

The Filter Tank houses the system’s filtration, pump, auto-fill and pump shut-off device as well as provides storage for the water in transit.
By utilizing Filtrific on this project the design process was simplified while providing reduced material and labor costs.
Click on the video link below to see both systems in operation.

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