Pump Cooling Device


Provide cooling to tall waterfall pump motors, or maintain saturation of the BioCore in low water Hybri-Pond™ installations with the Filtrific® In-Tank Spray Head. The In-Tank Spray Head conveniently connects to the tee outlet at the top of the pump discharge and can be positioned as needed.

In-Tank Spray Head

Model: PCJ-34


GPM: 3.4 at 50 PSI

Connection: 1/2” MIPT Thread


Easily added to T75F & T390F discharges by removing the threaded 1/2” plug on the top of the discharge tee

Can be used with all Filter Screen mesh sizes



Discharge Connection

T75F & T390F Pump Discharge Kits include a 1/2” FIPT connection port for the easy addition of spray heads

Pump Motor Cooling

The In-Tank Spray Head provides cooling to pump motors operating at low water levels.

Optimized Bio-Filtration

Maintain bio-filtration in Hybri-Pond™ installations which have variable Filter Tank water levels. The In-Tank Spray Head maintains water flow and saturation when the core is not fully submerged.


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