Storing Water in Transit in a Filtrific Water Feature

Question: Should I install a T75F Filter Tank or a T40F with a Side Pod?

On a technical level, they both provide 40 gallons of water in transit (40 gallons with the T75F, 20 gallons with the T40F plus an additional 20 with the Side Pod) which is a surprise to many and at first glance prompts most people to base their decision on which ever configuration is the least expensive. When you dig a little deeper, there are distinct advantages with using the slightly more expensive T75F configuration.

The Water Storage Mechanics

First, let’s take a look at the mechanics behind the two storage configurations. While the Side Pod gives an additional 40 gallons of water containment when used with a T75F, it only adds 20 gallons when used in conjunction with a T40F Filter Tank due to the fact that they are placed level with one another. Because of this, the Side Pod doesn’t get to maximize the entire 40 gallon reservoir completely and instead only provides half of that space to additional water storage. On the other hand when utilizing a Side Pod to the T75F, the entire volume of the side pod is applied to provide 80 total gallons of water in transit storage.

Footprint in the Landscape

The first step in determining which configuration is optimal is to take a look at the amount of room available for placement of the unit(s). The T75F is a taller unit but requires a smaller overall footprint in the landscape than a T40F with the Side Pod. The T40F configuration requires more of a footprint but can be buried in shallow areas such as a planter where the T75F configuration would require too much depth.

T40F with Side- Pod Water In Transit Storage Unit (Above)

T75F Water Feature Transit Water Storage Unit (Above)

If landscape footprint or burial depth isn’t of a concern, the T75F configuration provides a definite advantage over the T40F for the following reasons:

– Double the filtration surface area with two removable filter baskets instead of one

– If you ever did want to expand the water feature with an additional side pod or two, the T75 will allow you to maximize the 40 gallons of containment that the Side Pods provide.

– The T75 allows for a quicker installation with fewer connection fittings.

– The T75 can handle higher flow rates. (200 gallons per minute for the T75F vs 80 GPM for the T40F)

– More room for pumps and accessories


When 40 gallons of water in transit is to be stored it is recommended to install the T75F over the T40F with Side Pod configuration. The price difference is negligible, T75F provides a faster installation and more filtration for the water feature.

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