T165XP Xtended Pod


The rugged T165XP Xtended-Pod is designed to withstand the most rigorous construction demands encountered in large water feature installations. Strong horizontal reinforcing ribs interlock with the surrounding soil and securely hold the T165XP in place during backfill. The T165XP employs the use of four 6” ports, which easily connect to both the T75F and T390F Filter Tanks. The ports allow the T165XP to accommodate systems that require a higher flow as well as extra capacity.

The T165XP connects to either the T390F or T75F and provides 165 gallons of water storage.









Model: T165XP



Four 6” coupling ports for connection to Filter Tanks or additional Expansion Tanks
One 3” overflow port
Adds an additional 140 gallons of water-in-motion reserves when connected to the T390F Filter Tank
Adds an additional 95 gallons of water-in-motion reserve when connected to the T75F Filter Tank
Reinforced domed lid can be covered by the landscape
Lid vented for pressure equalization to allow easy fill and pump down of stored water
Includes coupling pipe & fittings

Amazing Strength

Filtrific® Expansion Tanks are manufactured to meet the demands of both residential and commercial installations. The reinforced top allows the tanks to accommodate placement under ground cover, lawn, walkways or beside driveways where occasional vehicular traffic might be encountered.



With two 6” expansion ports on both the front and back sides, the T165XP Expansion Tank can be added in numerous combinations and quantities next to or away from the T75F or T390F Filter Tanks. The versatility of the T165XP Xtended-Pod Expansion Tank makes it easy to add additional expansion as needed. For additional dimensional information see page 97.


T165XP Expansion Tank Dimensions


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