T40SP Side Pod


Filtrific® engineering allows a precise fit between the T40SP Side-PodTM Expansion Tank and both the T40F and the T75F Filter Tanks. Connect multiple T40SP Side-Pod Expansion Tanks together for systems requiring increased water reserves in confined spaces.

The 40SP connects to either the T40F or T75F and provides additional water storage.









Model: T40SP



Side-nesting Expansion Tank connects to either side of the T40F or T75F Filter Tank
Adds an additional 40 gallons of water-in-motion reserve when connected to the T75F Filter Tank
Only requires a two foot deep hole
A 4” connection on both sides for connecting to a Filter Tank or additional Side-Pod Tanks
Includes vented cap



Placed side to side or front to back, the versatility of the T40SP Side-Pod Expansion Tank makes it easy to create the most efficient system regardless of space or circumstances.

Connection Packs

Included in Vanishing & Hybri-Pond™ Packs
Not included when purchasing a Side-Pod individually

T40SP Side-Pod Connection Package
(for 1 side pod)

Model: RC-44LL


2 – 4” Flex 90
1 – 4” x 20” PVC Pipe

T40SP Side-Pod Connection Package
(for 2 side pods)

Model: RC-44LTL


1 – 4” Flex Tee
2 – 4” Flex 90
1 – 4” x 31” PVC Pipe


T40SP Expansion Tank Dimensions


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