Vanishing Water: Rock Columns


Vanishing Waterâ„¢ rock column systems present the option of a vanishing pool at the base of the columns and also provide installation and servicing conveniences.

Design Options

Rock Columns can be finished with rock around the base as shown above, or displayed in a Vanishing Pool as shown to the left.

With or Without a Vanishing Pool


With a Vanishing Pool

The water falls into a shallow vanishing pool that completely disappears when turned off.


Without a Vanishing Pool

The water falls directly onto rock without a vanishing pool at the base.

Vanishing Pool

Utilize the Fixed Skimmer to allow the water from your Rock Column to finish in a shallow pool that vanishes when the pump is turned off.

Remote Placement

Place the Filter Tank outside the water feature in a location where the Filter Baskets and pumping equipment can easily be serviced.

Precise Filtration

Stainless steel Filter Baskets catch debris before it has a chance to reach your pump and cause harm. A variety of screen sizes are available allowing for custom and precise filtration of any size or type of debris.

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