Vanishing Water: Waterfalls & Streams


A Vanishing Water™ system allows all water to disappear from the surface when the pump is turned off, keeping it out of sight in an underground filter system. Without a pump running, there isn’t any surface water and therefore no water is lost to evaporation.

ON / Off Capability

When the system is not in use, turn off the pump to save water and electricity, and watch all water disappear underground for a safer, lower maintenance, algae-free water feature.

Low Maintenance

Debris is collected from the water flowing down the stream and is filtered out in stainless steel Filter Baskets before it can reach any pumping equipment or hardware. Removing the debris caught by the Filter Baskets is easy. Simply open the access cap, pull out the Filter Basket, and empty out the debris.

Conserve Energy

Reduce your electrical expenses with a high quality, dependable and efficient system you can turn on and off at will. With a Filtrific® system you are not forced to run your pump continuously for fear of overflow water-loss if the pump is turned off.

Vanishing Pool

The Fixed Skimmer offers the ability to create a more natural looking feature by having your waterfall or stream end in a shallow pool of water that completely vanishes when the pump is turned off.

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