Waterfall Starter


Give any water feature a natural look with the Filtrific® Waterfall Starter. Its versatile rock-bearing design neatly disguises it in any landscape, allowing only the water and natural elements to be seen.


Waterfall Starter

Model: WS1


MAX GPM: 160

Connection: 2” OR 3”

Included Components:
1 – 3” x 3” Flex-Coupling
1 – 3” Liner Connection Kit
1 – 3” Slip 90
1 – 3” x 8” Cut Pipe
1 – 3” x 2” SS Reducer Bushing


The Waterfall Starter’s innovative design allows only the natural elements and flowing water to be seen.

Invert the Waterfall Starter for a pooling start to the waterfall or stream.

The versatile rock-bearing design supports large or small rock and can start the water course with a tall or zero water drop.

The small profile Waterfall Starer allows a wide or narrow start to the waterfall.


WS1 Dimensions


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